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July 20, 2003
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Freelancer - Omega-11 by siv Freelancer - Omega-11 by siv
Boy, its been a while, eh? I'm finally 100% free due to summer (God I LOVE IT!) so I decided to slap this together from just one of the rather amazing visuals I saw in my current favourite PC game, Freelancer. That game is great! =D (Big Grin) As you can see it provides some pretty wild scenery. I did a little bit to this, in terms of colour correction and stuff, but basically its straight out of the game. I don't really deserve much credit at all, but as soon as I saw this on my screen I knew it would be a a perfect image for a wallpaper that people would like, so I took a screenshot and went from there.

I got the name for this from the name of the star system I took it in, which I guess makes that the name of the star itself. I guess that works out pretty well. To give you a little background on the location, the Omega-11 system is pretty dangerous in general. The star in this image is a dying red giant, which is producing enormous amounts of energy/radiation. It's pretty easy to get microwaved if you stay outside of a dock too long in this system ^^. This system is the universe's greatest producer of diamond, which also makes this a highly pirated area, yet another reason to be cautious, but just the scenery is enough to bring me back, despite the risks to my lovely ship. =D (Big Grin)

As usual, the wallpaper pack includes this in 1600x1200, 1280x960, 1024x768 and 800x600. It was originally taken in 1024x768, so that's its optimal resolution, but I used a sharpen filter on the larger versions to clear them up a little, and I think it helped a lot.

As for credit... well I guess this isn't really taking anyone's work or anything, but I guess I'll throw a big thanks out to Microsoft Game Studios for this one ^^ Great job, guys! I forgive you for Windows.
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I love that system. Good memories, after I had beaten the game and started attacking Liberty Rogue bases for fun, I found the Omega-11 system. As I was returning from a mission, I passed by the criminal base near the West side of the system.

A cruise disrupter hit my ship, slowing it down and making it vulnerable to attack. Then they swarmed me. The moment I could break free of the disruptor, I'd charge it again. Then they'd hit me with another cruise disruptor. Then a missile. Then a hail of energy pulses.

My vision was lit up with all the blasterfire washing over my ship like a tide. Using my thrust, I juked continuously. The radiation was still eating at my hull. I had no nanobots or shield batteries remaining. Bang. I was hit. Bang Bang. My hull was weakening, beginning to buckle. I didn't think I could take another hit and still make it to Solarius before the radiation ate through the Swiss cheese I previously called my hull.

I caught sight of Solarius. I kept running and wading through the angry sea of energy blasts that were slowly losing speed.


Then the fire ceased. I had made it to Solarius. My ship was a mess. It was on fire all over. But I had made it.

Wow. Best gaming experience ever.
Quite a story told. Ah, memories.

Thanks for the comment =)
You do have great potential talent, glad to have you onboard DA.
Thanks for the comment =D

I'm glad to hear when people think my stuff is good. Although... I think Omega-11 is pretty mediocre as far as my work goes. Oh well. =P

Thanks again ^^
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